Hardware establishes the foundation of performance in all embedded products. With today's technology, circuit designs are becoming softer however there is still a huge cost associated with designing a circuit board incorrectly. All too often, hardware design goals focus on issues that sabotage product longevity.

When board design is driven by the absolute of fixed cost the result is often a fast, well-targeted design foundation for the current product specification. In time, the restricted hardware platform places inordinate demands upon the software, and the fixed costs saved in the design are spent on software development workarounds.

When board design is driven by flexibility, the result is often a complicated design foundation that is cost prohibitive and difficult to maintain and/or manufacture. The design is not streamlined to effectively implement the desired product function at optimal cost.

At eES we approach this dilemma by shifting the paradigm of design to the technology. By focusing on the technology of design, and limiting incurred cost to high value-added functionality, we achieve flexibility without unnecessary complexity. The result is a high performance, scalable platform that grows with your needs and demands.


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