EMC/I testing and certification is required to market a product in the US and abroad.

A product must be compliant in that its radiated emissions via power lines, signal lines, and the atmosphere remain below a specific energy level. Compliance insures that the product does not interfere with other electronic devices in the operating environment.

A product should (or must depending upon classification) also be immune, i.e. not be susceptible to received EMI energy via the same coupling methods. Immunity insures that the product does not exhibit interference, or fail in an electrically non-compliant manner, when subjected to harsh electromagnetic environments.

Attention to EMC/I issues during the circuit and PCB design phases ensures compatibility, however difficulties can arise which are both electrical and mechanical in nature. Through product inspection, test supervision, and results analysis, we identify the design changes required for EMC. In the end a successful certification ensures that the product, as marketed and sold, meets the applicable standards for both interference and immunity.

eES coordinates and manages EMC/I design verification thorough Northwest EMC, Inc., our dedicated partner in EMC test and certification. NW EMC is the largest full service EMC/I compliance laboratory in the Pacific Northwest. Their extensive roster of worldwide accreditations, cutting-edge EMC testing capabilities, and unique software applications streamline the regulatory process and provide us with a single source for all compliance requirements.


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