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Proper printed circuit board design is integral to the establishment of a reliable, testable, and compliant hardware platform. PCB design goals and rules tightly couple with those of the circuit designer and cross-knowledge between disciplines is essential. Success is ensured only through aggressive and explicit communication of requirements and review of implementations from both perspectives.

eES contracts all PCB design tasks to Innovative CAD Services, Inc., our dedicated partner in CAD engineering. We have worked with ICS for over 8 years and would be hard-pressed to find a more technically savvy team of PCB designers. ICS continually delivers top-notch work at amazing speeds.

We work closely with ICS to address all issues critical to a successful PCB design including:

• Stack-up and layer definitions
• Controlled impedance layering and routing
• Design for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and signal integrity
• Accessibility and conformity for Design For Test (DFT) fixture compliance
• Adherence to Design For Manufacturability and Assembly (DFM/A) process requirements


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