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Real-Time Operating Systems are the bread and butter of the embedded development community. RTOS vendors have spent many years developing, refining, and enhancing these operating systems for applicability and portability across different microprocessor platforms and product functions. When new I/O, networking, and storage standards and protocols are adopted in the industry, RTOS developers often simultaneously incorporate drivers and software support modules for them into their offerings.

RTOS utilization greatly reduces the amount of software that must be written from scratch and is indispensable when it comes to bringing a complex product to market in a timely fashion. RTOS offerings can be quite expensive so it is imperative for developers to choose one that yields the highest return on investment.

eES only evaluates mature RTOS offerings that have proven track records of performance and reliability. We collaborate with clients to choose an RTOS that best matches the needs of their product, company and development team.


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